Better Life Programs

Lifestyle Management Program Direct Link

If you are enrolled in UAGC's medical coverage, you and your household members are eligible for the Cigna Lifestyle Management Program, which includes weight and stress management and smoking cessation.

To access Lifestyle Management Program benefits, go to Select ‘Log in to access your benefits’, then scroll down and enter ‘Ashford’ for your employer I.D. You may also call Cigna at 866.417.7848.

Weight Management Program Direct Link

The Weight Management program addresses all the behavioral components necessary for sustainable weight management such as coping with emotional triggers, overcoming social obstacles, developing a healthy diet, maintaining a fitness routine and more.

The program offers continuous, personalized support to help drive sustainable lifestyle change. Participants receive personalized assessments, an individualized weight loss plan, one-on-one personalized support, helpful communications, and a choice of flexible programs to fit your schedule, including a toolkit with a portion control plate, workbook and tape measure.

Stress Management Direct Link

The Stress Management program addresses the many behavioral factors influencing stress. Participants receive a personalized assessment which includes an evaluation of major stressors, sleep patterns, personal challenges, medical conditions and readiness for change with an individualized plan and one-on-one support. More than 93% of participants have reported that the program helped them better manage stress.

Smoking Cessation Direct Link

The Cigna Quit Today tobacco cessation program incorporates nicotine replacement therapies with counseling and social support to increase your chances of quitting for good. More than 80% of those who have participated in this program have remained tobacco free one year after graduation.

Healthy Rewards Direct Link

Cigna’s Healthy Rewards Program can make staying healthy easier and more affordable. Discounts of up to 60% are offered on a variety of health and wellness products and services. Programs include:

  • Weight Management & Nutrition Programs
  • Fitness Clubs, Facilities and Equipment
  • Vision and Hearing Care
  • Tobacco Cessation Programs
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Wellness Products from
  • Healthy Lifestyle Products through the Online Store

Healthy Rewards programs are separate from your plan benefits, and coinsurance does not apply.

Healthy Rewards programs vary by location and change from time to time. For more information on these valuable Cigna Healthy Rewards Discount program, visit (password: savings), or call 800.870.3470.

Health Advisor Programs Direct Link

Cigna’s Health Support Programs provide services to help you maintain and improve your health, no matter what state of health you’re in. Whether it’s support during a Pregnancy, with a Chronic Disease such as Asthma, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or a complex health situation, Cigna Case Managers are on staff to support you.

  • Cigna Health care 24-hour – Available day and night for personal and confidential information. You can either speak directly with a registered nurse for assessment of your specific medical symptoms to receive counseling on the most appropriate setting and answers to your medical questions, or access the audio library featuring confidential access to hundreds of health care topics.
  • Self-Service Tools – Find a network doctor or hospital, check the status of your claims, access a summary of your benefits, or order an ID card.
  • Pharmacy Tools – Fill mail order prescriptions online, search a drug database, use the drug-to-drug interaction checker, and search the Cigna Drug List for lower-cost prescription choices.
  • Cigna Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies – Offers a full scope of education and care management services to members who are pregnant or considering pregnancy to help you have a healthy pregnancy, and even offers cash incentives for expecting mothers who participate of $150 for first trimester and $75 for second trimester enrollment.
  • Cigna Coaching Programs Through Your Personal Health Team – Offers private and confidential assistance on many topics, such as fitness and nutrition, preventive care, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. The coaches can also help you assess your overall health status and connect you with the appropriate resources to help you achieve your health-related goals and make the most of your health care coverage.

For 24/7 access or to obtain more information on any of Cigna’s Health Support Programs, call 800.Cigna24 (800.244.6224).

Cignassurance Program Direct Link

The Cignassurance® Program gives employees greater peace of mind that insured loved ones will have the support they need following their loss. Cignassurance® provides beneficiaries with bereavement counseling, financial information and legal consultation services. Services may not be available in all states. Access your Cignassurance® account at

Secure Travel Direct Link

If you are eligible for Basic or Voluntary AD&D coverage, you are also eligible for Cigna Secure Travel. This program provides emergency medical and travel services, as well as helpful pre-trip planning assistance, when traveling 100 miles or more away from home on work related travel or vacation. Services include:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • 24-hour multilingual assistance
  • Pre-trip planning services, including foreign travel
  • Assistance with lost or stolen items
  • Medical referrals and prescription assistance
  • Medical evacuation and family transportation
  • Referrals to legal assistance

Access Cigna Secure Travel at 888.226.4567 or and reference Group #OK0970435. Download and print the generic ID card before you travel.

Identity Theft Protection Direct Link

All benefit eligible employees are eligible for Cigna’s Identity Theft Program which assists with credit card fraud and financial or medical identity theft. The program provides 24/7 access to personal case managers who give step-by-step assistance and guidance if your identity is stolen.

To reach the Cigna Identity Theft services call 888.226.4567 or e-mail and reference Group #57.

Will Prep and Estate Planning Direct Link

Cigna’s Will Preparation and Estate Planning Program allows you to easily complete essential life and health legal documents online at no cost to you. A secure website helps you create life and health legal documents, such as your will, living will, and power of attorney.

Visit to learn more.