Know Your Numbers

As part of UAGC’s wellness program, you have a chance to earn a $650 annual wellness credit!

To get healthier, it’s important to know where you stand right now. Completing a health screening (Biometrics) and an online health assessment can help you identify your health risks and set goals for improvement.

If all steps are completed, the credit will be dispersed in $25 increments on your bi-weekly paychecks towards your Medical premiums for the 2022-2023 plan year!

All steps must be completed by March 18th, 2022.

Step 1:

Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Log in to Quest at

If you are a new user, enter the registration key UAGC2022, select Register Now and follow the instructions. If you are asked to choose what best describes you, select “Subscriber.”

If you have any issues logging in or would prefer to schedule by phone, call 877.304.7055.

Registration Resources:

Step 2:

Make an appointment 1 of 3 ways with a Quest PSC Center OR print the Physician Form and take it to your primary care provider (PCP) OR order a Mail home kit.

If you choose the “In home” kit option, it will need to be mailed back no later than 3.4.22 in order for results to be counted by the program end date.

Note: Mail home kit is not an available option for the state of NY.

Reminder: If you have had an annual exam with your PCP since November 1st, 2021, your PCP just needs to complete the physician form and return it to Quest.

Uploading the PCP form through the Quest site is recommended, as sometimes faxing it can cause a delay.

For AZ employees only: Schedule your appointment through Sonora Quest Laboratories.

Step 3:

Complete the online Cigna Health Assessment

After you have completed your biometrics screening or medical exam, you will also need to complete the Health Risk Assessment through Cigna (if you are not already registered on the Cigna site, you will need to do so):

Cigna Medical member click here to access the Cigna Health Assessment

Non-Cigna Medical member click here to access the Cigna Health Assessment

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact technical support at 800.284.8346 and select menu option 3.