529 College Savings

ScholarShare is here to support families preparing for their children’s higher education. With a tax-advantaged savings opportunity, compound interest potential and just $25 to get started, ScholarShare can help families start small and save big.

Affordable Direct Link

  • $25 to get started and $15 for payroll deduction – and a maximum contribution limit of $475,000 per beneficiary.
  • No application fee, no transfer fee, no commission, no annual maintenance fee.
  • Low fee investment portfolios. Total annual asset based fees range from 0.27% to 0.58% for the actively managed investment options and 0.09%- 0.21% for the passively managed investment options depending on the investment portfolio.

Flexible Direct Link

  • 19 investment options featuring leading institutional investment managers. The investment lineup features leading institutional investment managers: T. Rowe Price, Dimensional Fund Advisors, PIMCO, Metropolitan West & TIAA-CREF Asset Management.
  • Active & passive age-based portfolios, multi-fund asset allocation portfolios, single-fund portfolios, and a principal protected portfolio option.

Accessible Direct Link

  • Easy enrollment, online access, resources and account access through ScholarShare.com.
  • Dedicated local 529 consultants for on-campus education:
  • Sales & Service center available at 800.544.5248.