Education Benefits

To support your personal and professional growth, UAGC offers tuition reimbursement programs.

Internal Education Tuition Reimbursement Direct Link

The Internal Education Tuition Benefit Program allows eligible employees to receive tuition discounts or waivers for courses offered by UAGC.

Full-time employees are eligible after six (6) months of employment. The benefit is as follows:

  • Internal Education Tuition Benefit Program

    • Full-Time Employees

      Up to Masters: 100% covered

      Doctoral: 75% covered

    • Dependents

      Up to Masters: 80% covered

      Doctoral: 25% covered

    • Associate Faculty

      35% Discount

Please refer to the Education Tuition Benefit (ETB) policy on Insite for more information. Start using this benefit in three easy steps: 1. Request in Workday 2. Complete Your Application 3. Sign your Docs.

External Tuition Reimbursement Direct Link

The External Education Tuition Reimbursement Program allows employees to receive tuition reimbursement for college programs at other accredited institutions outside of UAGC. Please refer to the Owner’s manual section (6.2) as the steps and policy are outlined there.