Student Loan Repayment

UAGC has partnered with Peanut Butter (no kidding… that’s the real name of the company) to help our employees tackle student debt.

Benefit Direct Link

  • An institutional contribution of $50 per month toward your student loan.
  • Curated advice and insights to help you restructure your loans and save money.
  • Access to a refinancing marketplace designed to get you the best terms possible.
  • Free and paid counseling services when you need to phone a friend.
  • Watch this video to learn more.

How it Works Direct Link

  • Eligible employees will receive an email invitation from
  • If you have already received your invitation, sign up or login.
  • Questions about the program? Call Peanut Butter at 800.913.6651 and press 1 for employee support.
  • Employer contributions are made on the last paycheck of each month.

Eligibility Direct Link

  • Salary: Employees must make less than $60,000 per year on an annual basis.
  • Tenure: Employees are eligible to participate the first of the month following six (6) consecutive months of employment.
  • Degree Obtained: Only student loans incurred for bachelor programs are eligible.
  • University: Cannot be used for debt incurred for degree programs obtained at UAGC or the University of the Rockies (unless degree obtained prior to employment).