Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

When you join the team at UAGC as a full-time employee (working 30+ hours per week on a regular basis), you are eligible to enroll on the first of the month following your date of hire. You will also have the option to enroll your eligible dependents for health care benefits.

Rehire Eligibility Direct Link

Following a break in employment of 12 months or less, you are eligible for Benefits on your rehire date.

Your eligible dependents include: Direct Link

  • Your legally married (same or opposite sex) spouse or state registered same sex domestic partner
  • You or your spouse’s/state registered domestic partner’s biological children, stepchildren, adopted child or foster child up to age 26 regardless of marital or student status
  • Any children for whom you are required to provide coverage under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order
  • Your unmarried children, step-children or children of your domestic partner of any age, if they are incapable of self-care due to a physical or mental disability

When Benefits End Direct Link

Coverage ends when you no longer meet plan eligibility requirements. If your employment with UAGC ends, your medical, dental and vision coverage end on the last day of that month. Your life and disability coverage, access to Flexible Spending Account funds and all other benefits end on the day your employment ends. In some cases, you may be eligible to continue your medical, dental, vision and health care Flexible Spending Account through COBRA by paying the full cost of coverage plus the administration fee.